Products vs. Places

Most mapping apps out there focus on finding places – bars, hotels, restaurants, hospitals etc. Product Share is different; it focuses on individual products and services.

Comment and Rate

Earlier, you could learn where the nearest theaters are – now, you can also learn what the tickets cost too, and buy and rate them as well!

Find Anything

You can share anything and find anything on Product Share. No limits!

Best Offers

Never miss a good offer again. Have total info on what the best, nearby offers are

Product Share for Everyone

With Product Share, you will always know what offers, discounts and prices are out there. Just search!

Product Share for Retail Stores

You don't need a website. You don’t even need a computer. Just take your phone, take pictures of your products, tag and price them and see customers flooding in!

The Ideal App to Share your Findings

Found something awesome that you really like to share with your friends? Product Share makes that super-easy. Just snap a picture, tag and price and it's done!

Product Share for Tourists

Product Share is invaluable when you are in a new environment. Find souvenirs easily!

About Us

Product Share has been developed by Comelite IT Solutions. As developers of Universal Chat, we've always strived to find the most efficient tools for the small players, giving them the same chances as the big commercial stores. This is not only good for the retail store owners, but also for the customers.

Now, we can finally find the best match for our needs instantly and easily, without needing to look in every corner of the city or just buying the same product at a much higher price from a supermarket.

Previously, you’d need a website, tons of money and a staff to manage your online presence (if you could afford to have one). Product Share removes all the hassles, and gives you an opportunity to compete with the big players using nothing but your mobile phone.

By utilizing AI and Machine Learning, Product Share makes finding and registering products fun, easy and very profitable.

How It Works

Free for everyone. No signup. No credit cards.

With Product Share, you can take pictures of everything and share with everyone. All users can search for products via text queries or via image search. Images are geo-tagged to allow everyone learn the location of the product or service.

Product Share is absolutely free for everyone. We only charge store owners IN CASE they want to communicate with their customers directly - which allows them to sell online via Product Share.


You don’t need to install any apps. Product Share comes as a bot. Connect via Telegram:

How to register a product

How to find a product


  • Free (for everyone)
  • $ 0
  • Register products
  • Register stores
  • Find products
  • Buy products
  • Rate products

Contact us


If you want to apply for the paid plan, just email us and we will take care of it.

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